Saturday, September 12, 2009

This weekend at the village there is a wonderful event happening. We are having Civil War re-enactors come to the village from all over the place. This time of year it gets pretty slow, so to have something like this to look forward to is very exciting. This is a picture of the north lawn at my site. Right know it empty but after only a few hours. . . .
The tent is set up, and the comedy troop of Spenser and Jackson are ready to entertain. They did a great show like the ones that would have been done for the soldiers during the civil war.

The peace didn't last for long though. With the sound of steel being unsheathed, the union soldier was ready to battle with the confederate soldier.

In true fashion the Union won the fight and the confederate was forced to retreat.

The men were not the only ones that came out to play. The village was full of beautifully dressed women. This lady was using a western side saddle, which is a little more substantial than an english one. She was dressed in a lovely red velvet gown, which looked stunning against her magnificent mount. This horse was huge. Standing 16.2 hands.

It was a very busy day in the village.

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