Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spinner's Retreat

Ahhhh retreat, this was just a wonderful week end up at Park City Utah. We meet in a small meadow with a grove of large trees, and just relax.
I am a member of the Wasatch Woolpack Hand Spinners Guild, and this is our once a year get away. As you can see we do a lot of spinning and visiting. It was heaven. The retreat started on Thursday, but I didn't get there until Friday night. There was about 50 women and a few husbands.

This is my bed, Cherly Stratton was kind enough to allow me to share her tent. It was a very roomy tent, I think she said it was a 10 man tent but for the two of us it was perfect. Yes I did bring an air mattress, and under the sleeping bag there are real sheets. I get to confined in a zipped up sleeping bag.
The outside of the tent.
It did rain on us a couple of times but we stayed dry inside our tent.

The restroom area.
Further back behind the potties in the trees is where everyone had their wheels and canopies set up.

The kitchen area.
What was really nice for me was that the meals were already planned out. I didn't have to pack any food except for some drinks. When I arrived at the meadow I was asked to sign up to help with one meal. That's it !! just help with one meal. After meals were finished everyone washed there own plate and utensils, placed them in a mesh bag, and hung it in the trees to dry. No stacks of dishes to wash.
When everyone had finished eating and cleaning up a bell rang, and that signaled "Prize Tent" time. Everyone lined up and as we walked by the prize tent we were handed a prize of some sort of fiber related gift. Of course we all contributed to the prize tent. I had many items that I had bought. It was a simple matter of cleaning out my stash. I had some things that I thought I would get right to but after 3 years if I hadn't spun it up then it needed to go. So into the prize tent they went.
A couple of our members dye roving and sell it. We always love it when they show up with new colors and fibers to spin. Yes I bought a lot to help support the cause.

I had a wonderful time. The only regret is that I didn't go up earlier. That won't happen next year. I plan on taking time off work and going first thing Thursday morning.