Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oxen in Training

So in the last post I mentioned that there are 3 little steer calves that live in the corral at the back of my site.
Well, here they are!!!

This cute little brown and white baby is "Bones" yes, from the t.v. show. He is the smallest of the three, but the most lovable. I can almost put him to sleep just by brushing him with the curry comb. You need to be on your toes though with this little guy, cause if you stop brushing and turn you back on him you will get a head butt to your backside. Don't ask me how I know this.

This next little man in "Booth", and again from a t.v. show. I think I was told the name of it is "House" but I don't watch it so, I could be wrong. As you can tell Booth is laid back and has a very full tummy. He just loves it when I come into the corral and brush him while he is napping.
This guy is named "Gibbs", and yes you guessed it, he was named after a t.v. character as well but, I do watch NCIS so it was easy for me to remember this baby's name. He also loves to be brushed. His favorite place to be rubbed, is around his ears and where his horns are pushing through.
The only way I can tell the difference between Booth and Gibbs is, Gibbs has a small white spot at the base of his tail.
These three calves have a long way to go before they will be ready to pull any type of load. They are closer to 300 pounds than the 3000 pounds of a mature steer. They do have healthy appetites though, and spend most of their days with their heads in the feeders.

The second thing that they do the most of is sleep, but that is what all young babies do. Right now they are only about 6 months old, but they are getting bigger each day.
They do have a small yoke that they are getting used to, and they are learning voice commands. They love to be around people, and I see kids petting them through the fence daily. It won't be long and these little boys will be showing off their skills to visitors that come up to the village.

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