Monday, September 28, 2009

That Was a Nice Goose

Up at the village we regularly have schools come up for field trips. The kids get to go to different sites and see how things where done in the 1860's. I was doing just that when half way through my last group all of a sudden it sounded like a goose parade was coming around the corner of the house. It was only one goose and three ducks but, it sounded like alot more. After the kids left I gave the flock a cob of dried corn, and we became fast friends.
I went back to my spinning, and heard a commotion behind me, it was the goose. He settled down behind my rocker and went to sleep, that is until someone came up to the house then he jumped up and sounded the alarm.

When that visitor left he came around and started checking out my spinning wheel. I didn't stop him because I wanted to see just what he would do. I kept on spinning and yes, he did stick his beak in the spokes of the wheel, but I wasn't going very fast and it didn't seem to scare him. We had a nice afternoon together, he let my pet him all over. At one point I sat on the front steps and he walked up to me, and stood right beside me. I gently put my arm over his back and continued to cuddle him until he fell asleep. Then it was time for my to go inside. The squawking resumed when I left his sight. I called to him and and next thing I knew he was in the house looking around.

Lucky thing for me he didn't have an accident on the floor. (I hate cleaning up goose and duck poo). He took his time looking around, made sure I was okay. . .

Then turned and walked back outside.

I hope he comes back for another visit.

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