Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ready For Spring

I have a bad case of cabin fever. I'm tired of the snow and cold. I am so looking forward to warm days, and green grass. So as I was looking through some of my pictures, I found some green grass along with my favorite sheep grazing.

This handsome fellow is Sam. He is the most sociable sheep of my flock. He is very gentle, and took to halter training very quickly.

This ewe is Bella. I love her wool. When all the sheep where sheared last year I sent their wool to be processed into yarn, and when it all came back hers was the softest.

This is Lottie. She doesn't like to be handled much. In fact when the vet came to give everyone some shots, she was the only one that had to be lassoed. I still like her though, and she is an important part of the flock.

The last of the group is Annie. She is the mischief maker of the group . . . well next to Bella. She is a clown and has the cutest wiggle in her tail when a fly lands on her back. I don't use her wool because she really doesn't have wool. But she is a sweetie and she also likes to come with me on the halter, though she is a little more skittish.

All in all the flock loves to be with me. To the point that they will come into the house if I'm out of their site. One day I let them out to graze in the yard and went into the house through the back door to get to the front of the house, and the next thing I knew here came the whole flock running through the house, out the front door, and onto the front porch. Those that saw it about fell over laughing.

Well, spring is only a couple of months away, and it won't be long before me and the flock are out playing in the sun and the grass again. Hope I can hang on.

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  1. Love the hollyhocks at the door. We don't have those here in Virginia, that I have found yet anyway.