Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here We Go Again

Just as I said, as soon as I wore my sweater again Gary was reminded of the sweater that he wanted. He changed his mind about the previous sweater because two other people in our neighborhood had the same sweater, so he chose another one.

We placed the order and in just a view days this box arrived with all the goodies to make his new sweater.

This is a close up of the sweater. The color in real life is a navy blue and silvery cream. It is a much easier design pattern than the last one so, I don't for see any problems with this one. Another big difference is this one doesn't have a zipper. I simply need to sew two clasps at the neck. I think the most difficult thing about this sweater is the name. It's called "Eivindsplass". I can't even begin to sound it out. I will be starting it today.

Stay tuned for updates and progress.

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