Friday, February 18, 2011

Odds and Ends

It's almost that time of year again. That time when the fiber exchange at my spinning guild comes around. Knowing that I had to make some room for this years exchange, I looked at what was left from last years exchange. I had been spinning some of the fiber for smaller projects, but I still had quite a bit left unspun. This is it, a basket of odds and ends. So what I did was divide up the the one ounce strips into smaller sections, and placed them all in a basket.

Then I turned on Netflix to watch movies, and randomly pulled out the small strips of roving and spun them up. It took me only a couple of nights of this to complete.
I then plied the bobbins together not trying to match anything, I just let the randomness of the threads come together. This is what I ended up with. About 1300 yards of beautiful yarn.

I really like how this come out. I was going to knit a sweater out of it, but I'm afraid that I might come up just a tad bit short. So, the yarn is waiting for just the right project, or maybe I will make many small items out of it.

It does feel good to have that basket emptied, and next month it will be full of different hues of blue. I think I'll do the same thing this year, only this time I will have enough for that sweater.

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