Friday, December 17, 2010

A Whole Summer In One Post

Okay, after looking over the pictures that I took over the summer and didn't post, it might take 2 posts to get caught up.

Here it goes.

Do you remember the little oxen calves from last summer? Well it's almost been one year latter, and look how they've grown. Gibbs and Booth are in their yoke and are being run through their paces.

Becky is helping Troy with the boys today. I think that Troy was trying to train both the oxen and Becky on the ins and outs of oxen driving.
Potty break. Hey everyone has to go sometime.
Now it's the other one's turn.
I really didn't mean to take the boys picture at such a private moment. In fact I didn't know they where "going" until I put the pictures in the blog. But they still look good, and so do Becky and Troy.

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