Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gary's Sweater??

When Gary started looking at the Dale of Norway sweaters, this is one that he kept going back to. It's called the Lake Louise 2001. I told him that it wouldn't be any more difficult than the one that I made for me, but that he better make sure it was one that he liked because, 1) the kits are expensive. $195.00 to be exact, and 2) there are a lot of knitting hours in one of these sweaters. I'm guessing well over 100
He was all set to order the sweater, and then we went to a Christmas party and one of our neighbors had this exact sweater on.
The sweater in really life was a bit of a disappointment because the white yarn was more of a cream and the black and red didn't pop like the picture.

I think he has lost interest in it now because I haven't heard him mention it, so until he sees my sweater again I think this project had been delayed until further notice.

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